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Please help us raise the funds to record a professional music video!


We are Illuminations, a mixed contemporary A Cappella group from the University of Exeter. Founded in 2011, we have continued to grow as a group, making it to the UK finals of the ICCA's for the first time last year, as well as taking our first show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and making our television debut on Sky One's Sing: Ultimate A Cappella . None of this would have been possible without the incredible support from those who follow us. The group is made up entirely of students from the University, and we pride ourselves in being responsible for all our own musical arrangements, choreography, and general management! We all truly love what we do, and so there is honestly nothing better than having the opportunity to showcase this to as many people as possible. This is the main reason we would love to make a music video, as it would allow us to share what we do with a wider audience than ever before.

Where will the money go?

To make a video, there are lots of steps involved. Firstly we would need to professionally record one of our tracks. This will likely come to around £650.  Following this, we look to work with a reputable production company, who can help us produce the highest quality video possible. From quotes we have been given this is likely to come to around £800-£900. We have therefore set the minimum target as £650 as this would at least allow us to record the track. Our overall target is set at £2000, as we would also love to professionally record two more tracks for the likes of iTunes and Spotify. This would also give us greater scope for the video, as we would have a choice of songs we could work with, allowing us to create the best video possible! The prospect of working with a professional production company is very exciting to us, and so we would love to go into this experience in the best position possible!


As a thank you should you donate, we have several rewards on offer. The first one, should you donate over £5, is a shoutout on our Facebook page, thanking you for your donation. The second reward, should you donate over £15, is a short video recorded by the group, thanking each person by name for their generosity. Should you donate over £30, you will get the chance to have your name in the credits at the end of the professional music video, as a thank you for making it possible! Our higher tier rewards include not only your name in the credits, but an Illuminations t-shirt, and signed poster should you donate over £70 (only 5 available)!!! FINALLY...the best as well as all previous rewards, we will record a personalised video for you both thanking you for your donation, and singing any song of your choice!! Don't miss out!!

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For more information about the group, please check out our Facebook or website .

To hear our stuff, check out our Spotify , or to see videos of us in action, subscribe to our YouTube channel , and hopefully you will be seeing a new professional video feature on it soon!!

Help us succeed!

We all truly love being a part of Illuminations, and singing together has without doubt made all our university experiences the most enjoyable time possible. Having the opportunity to record this video would mean the world to us, so honestly any donation would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!