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Flag Football Fundraiser

A project by: Exeter Demons


WE RAISED £1,000

from 6 donors

Removing the barriers of entry for American Football within the UK

summary of the project

The Exeter Demons are trying to open up opportunities for students to take up American Football. One of the ways we are doing this through the offering of flag football. With the potential for flag football to make it into the 2028 Olympics we as a club are trying to bring more awareness to the sport. This project aims to provided funds to support the expansion of our new membership type and provide the resources needed to maximise the students experience. 

Who are we?

The Exeter Demons American Football Society is a student led AU club at the University of Exeter. We have both contact and non-contact teams and offer training sessions each week lead by our GB level coaching team. This year we are proud to announce the implementation of Flag football which is a non-contact version of American Football. This membership type was driven by student feedback with the intention of making a more inclusive and diverse club community.

Where will the money go?

All the money we raise will go on new equipment for the flag football team. This includes new balls, flag belts and a throwing net. These pieces of equipment will drastically help improve the scope of the training we can offer to flag football members.

Find us here

Please check us out on Instagram: @exeterdemonsamericanfootball