Creating a Greener Future through Environment and Sustainability research

Achieving a sustainable future for humanity on Earth underpins Exeter’s world-class environment and sustainability research. Hundreds of researchers are working across disciplines and across the University to develop pioneering research which impacts on the world we live in.

Together they are influencing international policy, shaping global debate and developing positive responses to climate and ecological crises. Our researchers are not just focussing on the here and now – they are exploring how to mitigate the environmental challenges we will face in the decades to come.

Some of the big questions we are helping to answer:

- How do we fix the ecological crisis?

- How can we build a more resilient planet?

- How can we mitigate climate change?

A donation to our Environment and Sustainability research more widely could support our world-renowned researchers in the fight against global challenges such as climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

Thank you for your support.