Dartmoor bird nest research – fieldwork fundraising

A project by: Sara Zonneveld


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This project received donations on Sun 13 Mar 2016

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All the best Sara! Hope you reach your target! x

Good luck!

Good luck. I hope you can find improved ways of helping these wonderful birds.

It took over half an hour to get the donation to register - I nearly gave up. I did not notice that one could pay by Paypal although the after-donation text states that one can - I would have much preferred that.

I am a regular walker on western dartmoor and would be glad to contribute to this if you would like to contact me. I am pretty frequently in gods own country from about Peter Tavy up to Sourton and almost anywhere up the Tavy and Walkham valleys from Double Waters upwards

Birds bring joy to humanity

Good luck!

Good luck reaching your target!

Have a great season - let there be many mippets and cuckoos....

Succes Saar!

Good luck with the Crowdfunding. Happy to help. Edward J.

Good luck Sara!!