Cornwall Anniversary Scholarships

A project by: University of Exeter

Enabling Cornish Students to study at Exeter

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the University of Exeter in Cornwall, we welcome donations to support Cornish students.

Our Penryn Campus opened to Exeter students in 2004 and we’ve also been teaching medicine at our Truro Campus for 20 years. Since then, our presence in Cornwall has gone from strength-to-strength and the research and education that takes place on our Cornwall campuses has put our university and region on the map as an international hub for sustainability.

Set up in honour of the late Lord Myners of Truro, who served as the University’s Chancellor from July 2016 to December 2021, donations to this fund support undergraduate students with a home address in Cornwall, who come from a disadvantaged background, to study any subject at the University.

Each student is awarded £4,000 per year to support them with the costs of undertaking their degree. Students today are being hit hard by the rising cost of living, and it’s those from disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling the most.

In the last two years, the average student rent has increased by 14.6% while maintenance loans have risen by just 5.2%. Last academic year we received more applications for hardship grants in the first fortnight than we usually receive in an entire year.

You can help students with the day-to-day costs that have such an impact. Not having to worry about travel, rent and food can all help students to focus fully on their studies, and reach their potential.

Students like Blake and Daisy describe the impact receiving this scholarship has had on them:

All gifts, of every size can collectively make a huge difference. For example, if 100 alumni were to give £120, or a regular gift of £10 per month, then this would provide financial support to a student for the duration of their degree.

Will you back a student from Cornwall today?