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University of Exeter Canoe Club Boat Fundraiser

A project by: The Exeter University Canoe Club



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Fundraising for adventure, passion and greatness

University of Exeter Canoe Club are raising money to purchase three new whitewater boats for our club members to use on trips.

One of the things we're most proud of as a club is that once you've paid your membership, there is no extra cost. This is due to the fact that we have the facilities to provide all the equipment needed for kayaking. However, as our club grows and more people are joining, we are finding we need more boats so our members have lots of opportunities to get out on the water! With the money raised, even more of our members will get the chance to travel to rivers in Wales, Scotland, France, Spain and Slovenia!

With the money we raise we will hopefully be able to buy three new whitewater boats for our members. These would be in a variety of sizes so all our members would have the opportunity to use them. If we exceed our target we would look into buying safety equipment, such as buoyancy aids and helmets, to go with the boats so our members can stay protected when on trips.

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