Education without borders

The University of Exeter is a global institution - we have students from over 140 countries across the world and are in touch with alumni in 183. We offer a truly international student experience as well as a safe learning environment. This is an experience we wish to be open to all.

Our Sanctuary Scholarships scheme is available for students who are seeking asylum, have limited leave to remain, 'humanitarian protection' or refugee status and International Care Leavers.

We are determined to support these vulnerable people at a time when borders are closing around the world and ensure they do not miss out on higher education. The Exeter Sanctuary Scholarships give displaced people who cannot access student finance a chance to study here by covering the fees and living costs of doing so.

"Sanctuary Scholarships removed the obstacle of accessing education as a refugee, and in the process allowed me to have a roof over my head in a warm room I can call my own for the first time in this continent. It also paved the way for me to focus on the things that matter the most and on a personal level, such as social integration and building a network. The scholarship allowed me to move on after the atrocities I haveĀ faced in my home country." Anonymous scholarship recipient.

These students are bright, able and determined but have faced extraordinary circumstances. It it our wish to be able to support more people like Sajjad, Bola, Anes and Roba. By donating to the Sanctuary Scholarships scheme you can give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential by studying at Exeter, and a chance to rewrite their futures.

Thank you.