Professor Ozgur Akman Memorial Fund

A project by: University of Exeter

Professor ozgur akman memorial fund travel bursary

The Mathematics and Statistics Department are honoured to establish a travel bursary in memory of the late Professor Ozgur Akman who died suddenly in October 2022. 

Ozgur had worked at the University of Exeter since 2010 and was an active researcher, educator and valued member of our community. His research was focused on understanding biological systems using mathematical and computational methods. He made important contributions in the development of Boolean delay equations to study circadian rhythms, and in the modelling and analysis of nystagmus waveforms and was tackling important problems in model calibration and antimicrobial resistance.

As Director of Postgraduate Research, Ozgur was also passionate about supporting students and so to honour his memory we have set up this Fund, which will be available to postgraduate research students in Mathematics and Statistics, to help with travel and related costs associated with field/project work or travel to conferences.

If you would like to make a contribution, either as a one-off or regular gift to support the bursary scheme, we would welcome all donations.

Information about the travel bursary

Three bursaries of up to £500 each will be available. Applications for the bursary will be considered by a selection panel who will give primary consideration to the statement of purpose; the benefit that the travel will have for the student and/or their research; why the travel would not be possible without the bursary; and what steps will be taken to minimise the environmental impact.

thank you for your support.