The Lovelock PhD Scholarship Programme

A project by: University of Exeter

With thanks to the generosity of its alumni, the University of Exeter is delighted to have launched a programme of Doctoral Scholarships to take forward the pioneering work of James Lovelock and further develop aspects of his Gaia theory. 

The Lovelock PhD Scholarship programme has been kickstarted by a combination of funding from the University of Exeter and philanthropic donations and we are thrilled to announce that the first beneficiary of the programme will join the University to start their PhD in January.

The programme provides an opportunity for postgraduate researchers to join the Global Systems Institute Team, led by Professor Tim Lenton, to contribute towards some of the latest research in systems thinking while developing their own research career. Each PhD studentship will have a different research focus enabling leading experts from the Global Systems Institute community to supervise the next generation of researchers.

The Global Systems Institute research community is underpinned by PhD students who drive innovation, foster collaboration and deliver impact in some of the biggest global challenges we face. The Lovelock PhD Scholarship programme will enable us to attract the most talented prospective research students who would otherwise miss the opportunity to work within this growing team.

We are now seeking full funding for future students within The James Lovelock PhD Scholarship Programme and would welcome your support.

All gifts, of every size are very much appreciated and collectively can be transformational.