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Illuminations At Fringe

A project by: Illuminations A Cappella


WE RAISED £1,520

from 24 donors

This project received pledges on Sat 31 Jul 2021
5 months ago

WE HIT OUR TARGET - LEt's go even further!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated - We've managed to hit our target with almost a month left to go!

That doesn't mean our fundraising efforts are relaxing anytime soon. While our initial target of £1500 reflected the minimum amount we needed to record our EP and get us to the Fringe, there are still many other expenses that we need to cover to put on a spectacular Fringe show, such as publicity, mic hire, and transportation costs.

We are so grateful for everything that has been donated so far and we really appreciate everyone that has shared the fundraiser, tuned into the livestream, and donated.

Due to logistical issues, we can't change the the goal on our fundraiser page - however, if we're able to reach £2000, the society will be in a far more secure position over the next coming year and able to keep delivering the shows we know you love!

Watch this space - we're also announcing an exciting new fundraiser to take place over the next month, so stay tuned!


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Hey there! I'd just like to give a huge thank you to everyone who's already donated. It's been a little over two weeks and already we're more than halfway towards our goal! Stay tuned for more details about the fundraiser events we've got in store in the next couple of months.

Just an update regarding supporters with the £70 donation tier (T-shirt/Cap). Due to limitations with the Hubbub platform, we were unable to change the reward to reflect that you can have the choice of a T-shirt or Cap.

To remedy this, we've got a form below that will let you choose between a T-shirt or cap, and for you to select your size.

Link: https://forms.gle/2T3NH3yuQfm78Afx8

We're aiming to get this out at the conclusion of our fundraiser, and we'll be in contact with our £70 supporters.

Until then, keep spreading the word!