University of Exeter Hockey Club

A project by: University of Exeter


The University of Exeter Hockey Club has long been an integral part of the University and is one of Exeter's High-Performance Clubs. It is also one of the largest and most popular sports at the university with over 500 members.

The club fields seven men’s and seven women’s teams in BUCS (formerly BUSA and UAU) and weekend hockey leagues, playing clubs and universities all over the country. EUHC ended the 2018/19 season as the highest BUCS ranked hockey university in the country and have finished as one of the top two since 2011.

The club is able to provide hockey for all playing levels from Performance through to Recreational level. Our social programme enables students to play mixed hockey in an extremely positive and enjoyable environment with matches running every Sunday evening.

At Exeter, the Hockey Club can utilise world class facilities and support services that help grow and develop our students and the programme. A combination of this and our dynamic and experienced coaching team has meant we have been able to expand as a club both in size and quality. This means we have been able to increase the number of squads competing in leagues as well as squad sizes. Over the years we have made vast improvements in coaching infrastructure and coach development, Performance Analysis, and sports science support including Strength and Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Nutrition Support.

Our success has attracted high quality coaches and players, the quality of which is represented throughout the club as a whole and, along with our fantastic facilities, has helped make us one of the most successful clubs not just on campus but in the country. 

why are we raising money?

We have ambitious plans for the Hockey Club and wish for it to continue to go from strength to strength. To build upon our recent successes and maintain our position as one of the top clubs in the country, we need to continue to invest. Currently our members pay a subscription at the beginning of the year, most of which is spent on transport, accommodation, equipment and league affiliations which are fundamental costs, leaving very little to spend on club development.

Where will the money go?

With so many outgoings we must think very carefully about how we spend money. There are various areas which would allow us to excel as a club including recruitment, performance analysis and equipment. England Hockey League competition permits up to 3 overseas players per team but we have welcomed only a handful of overseas players to our top teams in recent years. These individuals often require support with flight costs, accommodation and opportunities to secure paid work to support themselves financially. We are also aiming to install a fixed camera on our pitch which would allow for live-streaming as well as world class analysis of matches and training, as well as investing in the club’s equipment to enhance the playing experience for all members.

For example:

• £50 could buy a new goalie smock

• £100 could buy a set of 20 match balls for a team

• £1,000 could contribute towards our plan to redecorate the home changing room

• £1,800 would fund coach hire for one of our many 6hr+ round trips to other clubs up and down the country

• £1,850 could provide League Affiliation for one team

• £14,000 would help support an overseas player with accommodation and flights

• £20,000 would enable us to invest in an IP Camera for live-streaming and analysis 

A regular monthly donation of just the cost of a drink, would quickly add up to help us achieve this!


Everyone who makes a donation, regardless of size, will be given the opportunity to have their name displayed on our donor board, which will be located next to the pitch. For those who make a gift of £240 or a regular donation of £10 per month, their name will be displayed on one of the seats in the Grandstand (pictured below). 

thank you!

All donations, no matter the size are hugely appreciated and we are grateful to all ongoing support from friends, family and our alumni community. Thank you also to our sponsors who generously support our club, including this year’s sponsor One Sports Warehouse.

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