Huis Clos

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This project received donations on Wed 20 Mar 2019
Hell is other people

A short summary of our project

We want to put on a production of HUIS CLOS by Jean-Paul Sartre at the end of March. Rehearsals are already under way but to make the production happen we need some money! This will help us to obtain a set, costumes, a venue...our directors have wanted to put on this show for a looong time now and are very excited to get this opportunity - we only hope we get the funds to bring it to fruition!

Who are we?

We're the Foreign Arts Society - a new society based at Exeter University (affiliated with the Humanities department). Our aim is to highlight literary works of non-English speaking writers, an area we feel is underrepresented especially among theatre groups here. 

Where will the money go?

All money is going towards the funding of our upcoming production:

  • Our venue! We hope to be in the beautiful Devon and Exeter Institution library.
  • A set! With such a lovely backdrop we have to do it justice with a good set.
  • Production rights - essential to put on the play.
  • Costumes. 
  • Programmes and posters.


  • £10 - free programme
  • £20 - free programme and one free ticket
  • £35 - free programme, two free tickets and a personalised welcome on the door
  • £50 - free programme, two free tickets, personalised welcome on the door and a thank you video from our directors.

Find us here

To follow our progress and find out more about the show, you can find us on facebook or instagram. Here we'll be giving regular updates about Huis Clos and our other events! 

Help us succeed!

We appreciate all the support we've been given so far, be it financial, emotional, advice, or just a cheeky share on facebook. If you don't have the money to donate but would still like to support us, feel free to share our event/facebook page/anything we post. If you'd like to find out more about how to get involved in our society or the show just drop us a message! (But the money is good too ;))