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Shaping a Green Future

As the world faces an environmental and climate emergency, the University of Exeter is focused on creating solutions. For more than twenty years we have been leading the way in interdisciplinary research to better understand and tackle environment and climate change. By mobilising our expertise in research and education we are accelerating global action in partnership with governments, businesses and communities. 

creating solutions for a green future

Beyond our research, our wide range of innovative and thought-provoking courses are teaching and inspiring thousands of students to become the next generation of leaders that will embrace the challenges that lie ahead. 

Exeter provides the ideal learning environment for those who want to play their part in building a green future for all, instilling our students with the latest skills, tools and knowledge to become future sustainability leaders. Studying a range of topics including plastic pollution, climate science, food and water security, circular economy and renewable energy, our students learn from academics who are at the forefront of discovering solutions to these global challenges – translating their cutting-edge research into innovative teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

restoring the cerrado

Brazilian savannas extend over approximately 2 million km² and are home to more than 12,000 plant species that are currently more threatened than ever. Half of the Brazilian savanna original area has been converted to pasturelands and croplands. Since January 2021, there has been a loss of 3.6k km² of natural vegetation, therefore ecosystem restoration is vital to reverse the trends and protect its biodiversity and people. Yet, knowledge on how to restore Brazilian savannas is still scarce, relative to other ecosystems in Brazil.

Mateus Silva (pictured) is a Brazillian PhD student working to help protect this threatened ecosystem. By analysing key species and their success, Mateus will create models to predict where key species can survive now, as well as with forecasted climate change impacts (eg fire, temperature rise). This can then inform large-scale restoration efforts in order to ensure their success.

We want to help more students like Mateus succeed in making a positive impact on their future, and that of our planet. Will you join us?

green futures scholarships 

Exeter is open to everyone with the academic ability, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances and we are determined to support those most affected by the climate and ecological crisis.

Through this programme, we will develop a network of like-minded individuals who can share their knowledge and experiences to lead change from within their communities and beyond. We want to make sure that the most capable and committed students from LMIC or developing countries have the opportunity to study at the University of Exeter, on one of Exeter’s Masters courses directly related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The scholarships will be awarded to students with a record of academic excellence who can demonstrate their passion to: 

• Learn about the scientific, human, social and cultural issues which are vital in the field of sustainability; 

• Be equipped with the skills for a ‘greener’ economy and the imagination to provide solutions for a sustainable society; 

• Develop their global mind-set, combining culturally inclusive behaviour and environmentally sound practices;

• Contribute to the economic and social development of their home countries.

Unfortunately, the cost of higher education, travel and living in the UK country are significant barriers to students who wish to gain academic qualifications and work directly with leading researchers.

To try and combat this, the University of Exeter is committed to attracting Master’s students from LMICs and is therefore asking for your support to match us 40:60. The full cost of a Green Futures Scholarship is £36,000 and for each £15,000 we raise for student living and travel costs, the University will match this to cover the full tuition fees for that student. We want to offer talented students the opportunity to receive quality education here in the UK, and are committed to supporting as many of these Scholarships as possible.

We are seeking your support to help us relieve all financial burden for our Green Futures Scholars so they can study at Exeter and become the sustainable leaders of the future. 

 you can be part of the solution

Alumni support is vital to the continued success and growth of the programme: your gift can make a tremendous difference. A donation to the Green Futures Fund could support students working in the fields of Biodiversity, Energy, Environmental Intelligence and Marine Science. Whether you can give £50 or £5,000, every single donation adds up to make a huge impact and we are incredibly grateful for every gift. Thank you.

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