Brain Training for Healthy Eating!

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Dear Susan Dunbar, Thanks for your comment. That is a great idea and we are planning to do that soon (contact those who did our online training and offer them the app and ask if they'd like to sponsor). We just need to sort out mailing list out (we have nearly 30 000 email addresses from our online study!) Best wishes, Dr Natalia Lawrence

Why don't you e-mail the people who took part in the original test to bring them up to date and ask if they would like to sponsor? regards S Dunbar

Good luck with the concept

Thanks for the suggestion gseymour - Lucy Porter (Exeter PhD student) is examining the effects of this training in children and the findings look promising - they choose more healthy snacks after playing it than the control group - we hope to publish these findings soon!

Excellent idea. Hope it goes ahead.

Good luck with this project! It would be interesting to measure the effect on children using the app - if for example it would encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables.