FoodT App

A project by: University of Exeter

pledged of £5,000 target
FoodT - taking the effort out of healthy eating

So many of us struggle to stick to a healthy diet. Whether we are looking to cut down on the bad stuff or simply eat our five-a-day, most of us experience the same problem: willpower alone is not enough. That's where FoodT comes in.

FoodT is an app with a simple brain training game designed to help people eat a healthier diet, effortlessly. The app works by retraining the brain's automatic responses to healthier and less healthy foods, making it easier to resist temptation.

The research behind FoodT - developed over ten years by Dr Natalia Lawrence and her team of behavioural psychologists - suggests that repeatedly playing the game builds up associations between certain foods (such as chocolate) and stopping, effectively putting the brakes on your eating behaviour and making it easier to eat well.

FoodT has already been downloaded by over 130,000 users around the world, and we want to continue the good work!

how you can help us

FoodT receives no funding and currently relies on voluntary time and efforts from Natalia and her team, who are committed to keeping FoodT free of adverts and any costs for users.

As the FoodT app builds momentum and reaches increasing numbers of users worldwide, we need your support for the app's maintenance and development costs.

ALL donations will go towards running and improving the app, including offering frequently requested features such as:

  • Uploading new foods into the app, so users can tailor FoodT to their needs
  • Providing better progress tracking, so users can see how their game scores and eating habits change over time
  • Translating the app into several other languages, so more people can play FoodT
  • Adding leaderboards and interactive elements, so people can play FoodT with their family and friends
  • Adding new games or levels to FoodT to keep things interesting

If you have enjoyed FoodT and want to support our mission and the voluntary efforts of our team,. please consider "buying us a coffee" and making a small donation today - every £1 and 1p helps!

thank you