An Evening with Paul Kerensa

A project by: Alfie Green



from 27 donors

The well-known comedian Paul Kerensa is coming to Exeter!

Paul Kerensa is coming to exeter

Paul is coming as a guest of the Exeter Christian Union to do a comedy set to help bring us some joy in these times. The event is free, but costs us money to run, so if you are able to financially help the ECU then that would be amazing!!

We suggest a donation of £3 per person to enable us to recoup half of the cost of the event. This will enable us to pay for Paul's act and travel, along with drinks and glasses. 

Any profit (which would be unexpected) on this project will go towards the ECU Events Week - a week of lunchtime and evening talks, food and coffee which are all free on campus. It will be a week designed to bless students on campus, and spread the gospel too.

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