Diplomatic Hub Funding

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This project received donations on Fri 26 Mar 2021
3 years, 2 months ago

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your support of the University of Exeter's Diplomatic Hub! Thanks to you, we have reached, and surpassed, our goal of £500! This money will go towards organising the upcoming events we have planned, as well as helping the future committees and ensuring we keep our events free !

I invite you to follow us on our social medias, or subscribe to our newsletter on our website, to hear more about these, as we have some very exciting events coming up ! 

We will keep this crowdfunding page open, so any additional donations that will be made from now until the end of march will go towards next year's projects ! So don't hesitate to share this crowdfunding with others ! 

We hope that you, your family and friends are safe during these difficult times.

Thank you again for your help !