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Support Exeter's Life-saving Diabetes Screening Facility

A project by: University of Exeter


WE RAISED £15,960

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This project received donations on Thu 01 Jul 2021

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Fantastic work. Please keep this appeal going.

Best of luck with your fundraising to a very worthy cause. Have learnt first hand and benifeted from your research for my wonderful daughter who developed neonatal diabetes at 1mth old and now is 29yrs old. It transformed her life, allowing her to transfer onto Danoil. Having achieved a Nursing degree/Social work, went onto travel the world and gained much experience in Australia. Home in Ireland over 2yrs, From a very grateful mum Thank you Prof Hattersley and staff.

Wishing you every success with your fund raise and continued excellent work

Anything that helps babies and children combat this potentially dangerous condition and have a more carefree life is well worth it.

Please keep up the good work

I have a daughter with type 1 diabetes who also graduated from Exeter so wish you well with the research project.

Granda Loves you Jackson 💙

For Jackson & his fantastic family xx

Without this research a family members little boy would never have been diagnosed and living a happy life. It is so import that this work continues

This is wonderful work.

Good luck with your research!

I donated as this service supported and identified my grandsons condition. I feelnitbis vital to continue this work to help other children

We hope you raise all the money needed to continue this amazing work

This is a life changer for so many families.

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY This research has changed our lives, and since transitioning to the tablet regime our daughter has been in much better health with stabilised blood sugars for 14 years. THANK YOU!

I had the pleasure of teaching this now young man Jack many years ago! It’s been an honour to be able to watch and support him through his very special journey and I hope many more children will be able to have the same chances in life as he has. xx

Keep up the great work guys! Annet

Good luck

What an amazing cause changing lives around the world all based at the University of Exeter .

This is such world-ranking research, changing people's lives. I was proud to talk about it when I worked at the University, so now Jeannie and I are happy to start supporting it financially.

I always thought it was important to leave a comment before the comment leaves me. Maybe that's just a sign of my low self-esteem, that I never believed the comment could love the real me...

Great cause well done Sarah for promoting this x

Hope you can raise the money to continue this important research.

I was axtremely pleased with the work that enabled my Son to move from insulin to tablets

Awesome to contribute. Helping more diabetics change their treatment forever.

Fabulous work, dearly hope enough is raised to keep going

Please support this tremendously important cause and help change more lives for the better.

Thank you for what you are doing.

All children born with diabetes any where in the world should benefit from the Exeter genetic research in this area