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The chapel choir is supported by the choral scholarship fund, please support their incredible music.

The University of Exeter Chapel Choir is run and supported by the choral scholarship fund. Please consider giving generously to support this fund and the ongoing incredible music that the choir are able to bring year in year out. 


The University of Exeter Chapel Choir helps enrich the student experience through providing an opportunity for students to pursue music in conjunction with their degree with a close team of sociable and committed people who meet regularly for practice and performance. A leading student ensemble for the country, the Choir is made up of 24 students all of whom auditioned, and thanks to a generous donation from Professor Jenny Harrow (Politics, 1968) and Stephen Harrow (History, 1967) the Choir now performs in University of Exeter green robes.

All 24 choral scholars each receive a scholarship of £300 pa, hence the total goal of £7200 to fund the choral scholars for a year. The University is incredibly grateful for donations received to help fund these talented musicians and singers. For £20 plus gift aid per month you could fund a chorister for an entire year!


During the last few years the University of Exeter Chapel Choir have continued to excel in their work as ambassadors for the University. While their principal role is to support the liturgy within the University Chapel, the choir have been active in their work in other parts of Devon, the UK and abroad. In 2020 the Chapel Choir kept singing through lockdown and recorded the 'Shine' ( video for all the graduation ceremonies. This was met with a huge amount of support. 


Thomas Smith - BSc Physics, 1st Year

"I had enjoyed singing in choirs before university, both at school and at a local church. When I found out about the Chapel Choir I knew I had to be part of it. The scholarship gives me the opportunity to sing with an excellent group of musicians and has been a great way to make good friends in my first."

Lucy Lovisetto - BA Theology, 1st year

"I’ve always loved singing in choirs at school. I wanted to push myself and see how technical I was compared to other people from the university. Knowing that chapel choir had an excellent reputation made me want to join. When I started in chapel choir my sight singing was awful but I’ve slowly started to improve. I’ve learnt about the importance of listening to each other and made friends that I wouldn’t have met had it not been for the choir. I am very grateful for these opportunities which would not be possible without the support of the funds."

How your support makes a difference

In a single academic year the choir will sing two services a week, perform at least 15 concerts, appear in their ‘Exeter Green’ robes in front of thousands of people and continue their ambassadorial work for the University. The choir promote excellence in our reputation, our singing and above all our University.

The University of Exeter Chapel Choir helps enrich the student experience by providing an opportunity for students to pursue music in conjunction with their degree. Our choral awards offer our students the following opportunities:

  • To work in a high calibre ensemble
  • To work with guest conductors and artists of significant repute
  • To receive singing lessons from the best teachers in the South West
  • To sing in incredible venues
  • To perform with orchestras
  • To perform to large scale audiences
  • To sing a diverse repertoire spanning 600 years- To tour without a cost while representing the University
  • To receive other opportunities that would further their instrumental passions
  • To be part of a professional ensemble, while in a very friendly environment

We believe at Exeter, that our choral scholarship is becoming one of the most prestigious in the country, while still being able to offer our scholars a healthy balance between academic study and their choral commitments. All of this is made possible thanks to the generosity of those who have supported the Choral Scholars Fund.  

The Choral Scholars Fund makes one of the most exceptional parts of being a student at Exeter possible. Further funding will only lead to our reputation growing and putting Exeter on the map as having one of the best choral opportunities in the country. Thank you for your generous support towards one of the finest up and coming chapel choirs in the UK, we are incredibly grateful for donations received to help fund these talented singers and musicians.

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