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The Pleasantries of Peasantry 2018 Fringe Show

A project by: Patrick Hoyle


WE RAISED £1,700

from 15 donors

This project received donations on Sun 08 Jul 2018
Come join Theatre with Teeth's 2018 crusade to get this show to the Edinburgh Fringe! #TPOP

We're Theatre with Teeth , and for our ten year anniversary we're sending yet another original comedic extravaganza to the Holy Grail of drama festivals: The Edinburgh Fringe!

We present to you: The Pleasantries of Peasantry!

A misunderstanding results in five medieval misfits joining the Crusades with some slightly better qualified knights, travelling through Europe and leaving their lowly peasant lives behind. Gay love affairs, shady life insurance companies and devout atheism are only a few of the bumps on their long road to Jerusalem. So join us for the best medieval comedy since the Domesday Book!

Theatre with Teeth is a student-run theatre company based at the University of Exeter. We challenge convention to create bold, new and relevant theatre. Alongside a variety of performances throughout Exeter, we have toured work to Edinburgh Fringe, the London Student Drama Festival, Camden Fringe, Bath Mission Theatre, Teignmouth RAW Festival and more. We are passionate about creating diverse and accessible opportunities for our members.

What are we doing?

Our Edinburgh Fringe show is the long-awaited result of a small collective of creatives, coming from all aspects of the University community.

At its heart, The Pleasantries of Peasantry is a grass-roots production, taking inspiration from our own passions, interests and experiences; with a cast and crew as committed to this project as anyone could be.

Why support us?

This project is indescribably important to us all; but, as a small (but passionate) group of students and a committed University drama society, funding will be our biggest hurdle to overcome in getting our show to the fringe. This funding will greatly help us to accommodate venue hire costs, subsidise technical support, and cover Fringe registration fees.

Donations  of any size will be warmly received and greatly appreciated; helping to fund our show and allowing our little project to stand up with confidence on one of the most important stages in the world of festival theatre!

Your donations will help fund us for such things as:

Venue Hire & Fringe Registration: £2500

Props, Set and costume: £100

Advertising & Publicity: £150

Whilst we aim to sell well at the Fringe itself; any donations at this early stage will allow us to better prepare for the fringe, therefore helping us to sell even better when there!