PLUCKED. Original dark comedy & physical theatre show

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Help DiceBox, an independent, student-run theatre company reach this year's Edinburgh Fringe!

Our Project

‘PLUCKED’ explores the connection between human and animal lives, unravelling the dependency on both for each other’s care and survival. Student based, independent theatre company, DiceBox, need to raise £945 to take original show PLUCKED to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

We have worked so hard thus far to put together a show that concerns subject matter never seen before in student theatre in Exeter. So we are very determined to reach the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to connect with a far reaching audience and to prove that anything really is possible if you set your mind to it (with the help of a mega talented cast and crew of course!)

Who are DiceBox?

In October 2017, DiceBox Theatre Company was set up by Anastasia Bunce and Dawn Adrian. With Arts-Educational alumni Becky Dawson as choreographer and Oliver Rose (‘The Allergens’) composing an original score, we are putting together a blisteringly original show that tells the story of a mute twelve-year old girl and her struggles to connect with a world that does not yet know how to love her, through interweaving dance and dark comedy.

Our Story

DiceBox theatre company was formed with the passion to make student theatre that takes risks and unashamedly pushes boundaries; which lies at the core of our new show. The bitingly new subject matter of PLUCKED is very exciting and we think, a perfect fit for the Fringe.

The piece is not intended to be a diatribe but a dialogue. The somewhat controversial subject matter may be challenging, but we urge you to keep an open mind.

How you can help

Your generous donation (however big or small) will help Exeter students bring this original play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and will prove that independent creative efforts can really thrive with the support and backing of the University as a whole.

However, to do so, we need YOUR help. We are calling out to friends, family, and not to mention ' the kindness of strangers' as well.

Where will the money go?

We need to raise £1175 to pay for our venue at the Fringe for a five-night run.

Our venue is at theSpace on the Mile, which is a very popular location on the Royal Mile.

Our two instalments:

50%- £591.00 on or before May 1st 2018

30% - £354.60 on or before July 1st 2018

Any extra will be used to cover addtional costs of us performing at the Fringe.

How much have we already raised?

20% - £309 which has covered the Edinburgh Registration fee and our first instalment.

However, we really need YOUR HELP alongside our smaller scale fundraising projects in order to raise the £945 to make sure we can perform at the Fringe!


We have some fabulous rewards to thank you for any donations you can make, including social media shout outs for your company or business and space in our programme for advertising, as well as complimentary tickets. Even if you can only contribute a pound, it all adds up in the end and will help us reach the fringe! Check out the rewards page for a list of what awesome stuff we have to offer.

Please support our wonderful Cast and

Cast: Thomas Gunning, Nureen Kirefu, Becky Dawson, William Lempriere-Johnston, Guilhem Kirby, Ciara Bone, Sonia Beard, Lucy McKelvey, Heidi Abbot.

Crew: Anastasia Bunce, Dawn Adrian, Becky Dawson, Abigail Milne, Carrie Neilson, Oliver Rose, Alicia Ha, Kanon Tsuda, Mohammed Patel.

Find us here

Follow us on facebook: @plucked.exeter for regular updates!

Help us succeed!

Please spread our message as far as possible, with anyone you think would support us, across social media platforms and by word of mouth, you don’t have to donate to help us get to Edinburgh!