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The 3 year COACH project

Exeter University Football Club (EUAFC) was established in the 1950s to allow its students to play football at the highest possible level. A club steeped in history and tradition, EUAFC is calling on its current and former players to support its future success.

We, the Football Alumni Network, are raising money to support the development of EUAFC - a cause very close to our hearts. The club was the highlight of University days for many of us and it is our ambition to raise £15,000 over the next three years to help develop football at Exeter by funding a club coach, costing £5,000 a year. This coaching role is seen as the most important change we could make in the club and will enable performance to improve.

In the first year of this campaign and first full season 2021-22 with an employed coach, the club has had its most successful season for many years!


With over 500 members and 11 teams, EUAFC is providing the opportunity for people of all abilities to compete at University level. Already performing beyond expected considering its funding, the club has immense potential. However, as a student funded club, no additional funds are available to help development and keep pace with other University programmes. EUAFC competes against teams who benefit from several coaches, without coaching in place themselves. Hence this is one of the areas in need of support and is our first priority for funding football at Exeter.

football alumni network

The Football Alumni Network has gradually developed over the last few months and has now enjoyed two reunions, in March 2020 and November 2021. Since then, the network has grown to well over 150 members and is expected to soon reach 200. The aim of the network is to reunite football alumni across all graduating eras, share great memories, enjoy an annual reunion, and help the development of football at Exeter.

Where will the money go?

Over the next three years we plan to raise £15,000 (£5,000 per year) to support a coach for EUAFC to continue to compete and give them a better chance of success both in BUCS and league competitions.

If all our football alumni donated just £5 a month, we would reach our target!

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FOOTBALL ALUMNI NETWORK - Join the football alumni network and receive more information about next year's reunion by contacting the University at and registering your interest. You can also add your own stories and photos to the website via this email address.

To stay up-to-date with the current club and football alumni news, please update your contact details and highlight your involvement with football during your time at Exeter here.

Help us succeed!

If you are or were part of EUAFC, please help us reach our target! 

All donations, no matter the size, add up to make a big difference and will help to reach our goal in developing football at Exeter and shaping the University experience for many students to come as it did ours.

If you're not able to support financially, why not share our project page on social media - exposure is key to succeeding and we appreciate all the help we can get.

Thank you!