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pledged of £2,000 target
Congrats! This project has reached its minimum needed of £700 and is going for its target of £2,000!
Raising money to support Cornwall’s only student newspaper

A short summary of our project

We’re raising £2,000 to carry on printing monthly editions of The Falmouth Anchor from September - November 2017.

Who are we?

We are a group of students from Falmouth University and the University of Exeter studying a wide range of courses who are passionate about student journalism .

Our Committee:

From left to right: Sarah Redman (Print Editor); Jack Hope (Consultant); Fredric Spencer Feiring (Social Secretary); Alex Hughes (Online Editor); John Price (Secretary); Matt Solomons (Editor-in-Chief); Enrico Artuso (Design Director)

Our Story

The Falmouth Anchor was set up in Summer 2015 as the official student newspaper for Falmouth University and the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses. Since then we have continued to develop, aiming to become a household name and an integral part of the student experience.

We are unique in our diversity as we represent the students of two universities. We therefore aim to encompass a wide range of interests and areas of expertise: from Politics to Sports to Arts there is a section to suit everyone.

By supporting our project you are allowing us to continue our work to give students a voice, bring the local community together and improve students’ employability.

Where the money will go:

Printing newspapers is a costly process. It costs us £650 to print 2,000 copies of each edition of the Anchor which is then distributed across both the Penryn and Falmouth campuses. We aim to publish a new edition each month as we want to remain a prominent part of the student experience.

It’s important to stress that we do not sell copies of The Falmouth Anchor; every edition is free and available for anyone and everyone to read. Alongside this, our editors and writers all contribute their time on a voluntary basis.

Our current sources of income include membership fees (at £3 each) and advertising in the newspaper, which on average brings in around £150 per edition . Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to pay for the total printing costs and so we have decided to reach out to you for your support.

If we reach our minimum goal of £700, we will print the September edition of the Falmouth Anchor and any further funds will go towards future editions throughout the first term of the new academic year. We are aiming to relaunch the campaign in December to fund the rest of the editions, so any extra money raised will go towards these issues.

This will allow us to continue to develop our coverage of things that matter to students, such as the FXU Presidential Elections and the Bottle Match, the annual varsity tournament between Camborne School of Mines (part of the University of Exeter in Cornwall) and Royal School of Mines (part of Imperial College London). We also want to expand our coverage to include the local and student communities in Penryn, Falmouth and Truro.

We aim to update you on a weekly basis with our progress throughout the campaign.


We have some great rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you may give.

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Help us succeed!

You don’t need to support us financially to help us reach our target! Please share this project with anyone who you think would support us - let’s make this happen!

If you are from a business and would be interested in pursuing advertising with The Falmouth Anchor, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing Matt Solomons at