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Help ensure continuation of our interdisciplinary and accessible platform for undergraduate writing.

why we are fundraising

As part of our core value of ‘accessibility’, The Undergraduate believes that no one should have to pay for any of our publications and we shall maintain this stance. So far the journal has been generously funded by a three year contract with the University of Exeter’s Annual Fund, but in order to continue publishing we would now like to ask for your support. Any contributions that you give, in return for some wonderful rewards from the journal, will go directly into publication and promotion of the journal.

  • It costs £300-£500 to produce the Fresher’s Guide, published in September.
  • For the journal published in February and May, it costs £1,000 each issue to print around 600 copies. While £500 would allow the Fresher’s guide to be produced, our minimum target is £1,000 to allow journal publication.
  • £2,500-£3,000 would allow publication of the Fresher’s Guide and both issues,
  • This time last year we had funds to print double this amount, and we hope to again be able to increase the number of copies we print in order to accommodate our estimated regular readership of over 1,000 students.
  • It is our hope to raise £4,000 in order to also facilitate the growth of the journal and extend our readership to St. Luke's and Penryn campuses. Your contributions can allow the possibility of shipping journals to Penryn campus, and having the funds to print and distribute PR material, aiding our growth.

our story

The Undergraduate was founded in 2013 by Cameron Ho (President, 2013-15) and Cherrie Kwok (Editor-in-Chief, 2013-15), undergraduates at the University of Exeter, who believed that the hard work of students deserves to be highlighted and rewarded.

At its foundation, The Undergraduate is committed to two core values: interdisciplinary research and accessibility . Staying true to these principles, The Undergraduate accepts and publishes work across the many colleges at the university, from English and Film to Business and Economics. The Undergraduate is published twice per academic year in print and online, showcasing the strongest undergraduate research in each issue. As the journal has grown, a third value has been added: to encourage students to enjoy their work and be proud of what they do . As we have communicated with our readers, we have come to see how important this is to students at the University of Exeter.

Why we are important

The Undergraduate is not just a journal. Alongside publishing student essays, each issue contains a Focus Feature written by our committee tackling the issues that are important to our generation from an interdisciplinary approach, such as 'Dating in the 21st Century' and 'Is it our duty to help refugees?'.

We also maintain an online blog , written by our team, covering everything from the intricacies of international law in modern armed conflict to the presence of religion in popular culture. The aim of these is to begin encouraging students to conduct and engage with from research outside their modules.

The Undergraduate also produces a Fresher’s Guide that helps new students settle into their course and offers advice from our editors that have completed the modules.  This is a great help to new students experiencing university for the first time.

The Undergraduate also encourages wider thought and research through The Undergraduate Live! , which brings speakers to the university from a range of subjects. In the past year we have been joined by astrophysicist Dr Joseph Roche , economist Yaron Brook and politician Adrian Sanders . These talks have been well attended and highly acclaimed, sparking discussion among students that continues outside the lecture theatre. All of these activities have led to us being acclaimed by leading academics at the university, including Professor Janice Kay and Dr Lisa Stead .

In 2015, The Undergraduate ’s 14/15 editorial board were selected to present their research and represent the journal for the first time at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR). We would love to be at the BCUR again and with your support, we can continue to grow and showcase our research . Additionally, working for The Undergraduate has been recognised by the University of Exeter as a ‘Higher Education Achievement’.

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Help us succeed!

Hopefully you’ll agree that The Undergraduate is a very important organisation, and in case you’re not yet convinced, we are proud to share that over 60 people submit essays each term, more than 90 people apply for 45 positions on the committee each year, and our website has been visited over 51,000 times.

The journal becomes a huge part of the life of everyone involved and we want to ensure that future generations can benefit from and enjoy the work that we have started. We hope that you will consider supporting us so that we can continue to uphold our key values and continue to encourage undergraduates to be proud of and showcase their work.

·        £500: We can print our valued Fresher’s Guide

·        £1,000: Our minimum target to print the February issue of the journal

·        £1,500: The Fresher’s Guide and the February issue can be printed

·        £2,500-£3,000: The Fresher’s Guide, the February and the May issues can be printed

·        £4,000: This can allow for PR strategies and printing promotional material, and journal distribution to aid expansion beyond Streatham Campus.

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