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Sweet Nothings Edinburgh Fringe and EP!

A project by: Sarah Hunt


WE RAISED £1,001

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This project received donations on Tue 30 Jul 2019
Help us raise funds for our annual Edinburgh show and exciting EP!

Hi everyone!

We're Sweet Nothings, the University of Exeter's all-female contemporary A Cappella group.

We're raising money to head up to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with our new show "Oceans 9: Nothing But Treble"!

Performing songs inspired by movies, we'll turn to the dark side, concocting a thrilling heist when snubbed by justice - it's going to be the all-female show of harmonies, sass and retribution that we've all been waiting for!

We're particularly looking to hire microphones for our performances - this will massively save our voices and make sure Edinburgh can hear us loud and clear! We're also hoping to do an EP - if not this year then next. We think we have some great songs and would love to immortalise them in stunning audio for your listening pleasure.

Our campaign for this year is #ExtremeACappella

We want YOU to challenge us to sing A Cappella in an EXTREME way!

Want to see us sing eating hot chillis? How about upside down? Think A Cappella would sound best while we do burpees?

Whatever the suggestion, we want to hear it. Simply donate over £10 and you can submit a suggestion for us to consider in the "Message of Support" box, which appears on your screen after you've made a donation. To submit more suggestions and gain other incredible rewards, like a sung video message and free tickets to our Fringe show, simply donate at one of the higher level!

We'll be holding our bootcamp between mid-May and June, so we'll perform a selection of the challenges during that time, and upload them to YouTube for you all to watch. BUT we won't be able to perform every suggestion, so here's how to make sure yours is a good one that we'll pick:

  • Is it possible? (We need suggestions that are achievable on a limited budget and limited time!)
  • Is it safe? (We love A Cappella to bits, but don't want to fall to bits ourselves)
  • Is it respectable? (This one speaks for itself - don't waste your donation on a suggestion we won't do!)
  • Is it awesome? (This is what we're looking for...)

Thank you for considering making a donation! It means the world to us. So get thinking, and thank you!

P.s. If you can't think of a good Extreme Challenge, you don't have to submit one! We're just grateful for your love and support, and hope you get a good laugh out of the resulting videos!