Project Coral

A project by: Abigail Ray


WE RAISED £1,660

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This project received donations on Mon 01 Apr 2019

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Thank you all so much for your support! We will do our best to do you proud and help save the reefs!!

Good Luck with your project

good luck - this is a great project and you inspire the reader well.

Did all the climate change future learn courses with Exeter , am passionate about the subject but as a pensioner this is all I can afford. Good luck with your project hope it goes well. Judy

The work you are doing is really important and I hope it will help make a difference. Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to support your work.

Save our Zooxanthellae !

Good luck in your research!

Excellent initiative! Happy to support.

Great cause, please help save our Coral

We had a wipe round at work when I explained the project and raised £150 Good luck

Love what you are trying to achieve David

Good luck (£20 donation made by Donna Callon on behalf of Sam Callon's grandma)

Good luck and well done to you all.

Thanks so much Jazz for your donation!

Thanks so much! That would be fantastic. We're so grateful for your support :)

Great idea, Imogen sent me the details and will send it around to try to get you some more support Keith, Christine, Imogen and Jasmine