Gin Society Start up Fund

A project by: Amanda Finburg

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Completion Date: Wed 15 Jan 2020
Uniting gin enthusiasts!

Who are we?

We are Gin Society, established in 2019! We are a society dedicated to uniting people and their love for gin through organising informal events. We want to create an inclusive environment for non-drinkers and educate members about the origins of gin as well as the distillery process.   

our story

As gin lovers ourselves, we wanted to create a community where like-minded others could come together and have a great time socialising and enjoying gin. We are brand new this academic year and we have big visions for gin society. We are already the biggest new society Exeter has ever seen, having had sell out events and multiple brands working with us, we need to live up to expectations. 

We are asking for any help we can get so that we can promote our society so that it can reach a wider student audience and bring more people together. Holding these events is a way for us to give our members a break from the stresses of university. They can come together with friends and kind people to have fun and socialise. We've even seen people come alone and make some great friends at our events. It is so important that students have something like this and we want to share this with the whole student body.   

Where will the money go?

The money will go straight into the society. We want to purchase more promotional items, hold bigger and better events, and make gin society amazing. We also want to be able to help the wider community by doing more charity focused events.  

Here's a picture from our 'Drink Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness' event, where we raised over £100 for CoppaFeel! 

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Help us succeed!

  • If you can't donate money, then we would love you to share our Facebook page with anyone you can, take a look at what we have to offer and perhaps come along to one of our events!
  • We hope to have a really successful year and can't wait to see where gin society goes!